Space Purchase

After you’ve purchased your Vendor or Artist space please send us a press quality photo, a short bio, and links to your website/social media to:

The Memphis Pop Art Festival Rules and Regulations

The Memphis Pop Art Festival staff welcomes all vendors & artists who wish to participate. We ask that all vendors & artists please be respectful of decisions that the staff may have to make concerning the Vendor and Artist Areas the day of the convention. We are constantly working to make the festival experience great for everyone and may have to make changes in the initial plans. Should a problem arise with another vendor or artist, please speak to a staffer.

Venue Policies

We ask that you only use masking tape or pins in fabric panels for temporary room decorations. Please do not use staples, nails, tacks or other forms of tape. Do not place stickers or paints, or deface venue materials in any permanent fashion. Signs, banners, and fliers may not be posted outside of your table space. No adult material may be viewed, sold or distributed to minors. The Memphis Pop Art Festival reserves the right to judge the acceptability of all displays. The sale of weapons is prohibited.

Retail Vendors

Got Vintage Toys, Anime goods, Plushies, Vinyl Records, Movie Memorabilia, New and Old Comic Books, etc? You are invited to join us!

10x10 Spaces are a mere $125!
Includes 2 Large 8 foot Tables, 2 Chairs and 2 Passes.
Bring your own Tables, Gridwall and other free-standing displays and banners if you have them. Ceilings are high. Limit displays to 15 feet please. Electricity provided.


Good for: Artists of all kinds, Professional Cosplayers, Nerdy Crafters, Sticker Artists, Indie Clothing Labels, Vintage Games, Hand Crafted Jewelry, Silk-Screened prints, Zines, Personal Collection liquidations and beginning Vendors are welcome to secure an Artist Table.

Artist Tables are NOW only $70!
Includes 8 foot Table, 2 Chairs, and 2 Passes.


Exhibitor Guidelines

Show Hours run from 10am to 7pm, March 18th, 2017. Load in begins at 8am. All Exhibitors are expected to maintain their spaces the full duration of the event. No early load-outs will be permitted.

We count on Vendors and Artists to keep their selection kid-friendly with no inappropriate items. No Weapons, Hate Group Related, or Explicit items will be allowed. No Bootleg items. Pre-Packaged Asian snack items are permitted.

Exhibitors will be expected to keep their space tidy at all times including the end of the event day. We will not be responsible for Exhibit spaces left unattended. General Security will be provided. Subletting space not allowed. Though Artists can share tables with additional Artists. No music, alcohol, or smoking of any kind permitted. Exhibitors are responsible for compliance with all state laws during event including taxes. Exhibitors will hold event staff or event location harmless in the event of personal harm or property damage.

We reserve the right to return Payment and deny any Artist or Vendor for any reason we see fit, this may be done interest of keeping a diverse selection of goods, and to keep competition between Vendors to a minimum. If for any reason we have to eject an Artist or Vendor on the day of the event payment will not be refunded. Artist and Vendor Cancellations must be requested at least 60 days prior or no refund will be given.

This show will be properly promoted at other nearby Events, Local businesses, and online. All Exhibitors are encouraged to assist in promotions through social media.

Festival Attendance

Vendors & Artists are welcome to enjoy the festival and will be provided with 2 passes. They will have access to all areas as a regular attendee (access to Private, VIP, or Press areas is not allowed without permission).